Masonry Contractors Near Me at Humboldt Park: Choose Masonry Chicago!

Live in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois? Located close to the downtown, this lovely westside area is famous for its luscious 207-acre park, beautiful boulevards, and greystone buildings. The traditions of masonry structures here are long and well-established. And the ethnical community here is diverse, with the predominance of the Puerto-Rican dynasty.

Our company Masonry Chicago provides professional services in brick masonry, block masonry, concrete construction, and tuckpointing. We are home builders with more than 20 years of experience in Humboldt Park and its surroundings. So if you are looking for “Masons near me”, “Brick masons near me”, “Masonry work near me”, “Concrete masons near me”, search no more!

Give us a call at 773 231-5371 and get your free estimate for any kind of residential construction work — from the new brick or block house to a home extension, from basement restoration to concrete wall installation, from garage waterproofing to roofing! We guarantee professional service and a fair price range.

"Masons near me" in the Humboldt Park neighborhood

Humboldt Park neighborhood is divided into East Humboldt Park — Sacramento Boulevard, Western Ave, North Ave, Division Street, and West Humboldt Park — Western Ave, Pulaski Road, North Ave, Chicago Ave, and the western part of Pulaski Rd till Kenton Ave. No matter where exactly you live, you’ve definitely found one of the best “Masonry contractors near me”.

Our company provides masonry construction work quality for more than 20 years, and we hope that the next job in our portfolio would be your brick or block masonry project. If you are looking for great service and a reasonable price, just give a call to our customer support team and discuss your future property work with our specialists.

What jobs do “Masons near me” and “Brick masons near me” offer?

When you’re Googling for “Masons near me” or “Brick masons near me” in Humboldt Park, you are most likely to get a list of professional contractors and home builders who perform the following range of services for their customers.

Brick masonry service, Humboldt Park neighborhood

“Brick masons near me” (or “Brick masonry near me”) are the local home builders who provide their customers with a range of brickwork services. This can be everything from the new brick house construction to brick wall restoration, from the need to install the new foundation or restore the old brick basement. Brick is one of the most valued, aesthetically appealing, and affordable building materials. Choosing it, you choose quality, durability, and structural integrity. The most popular brickwork services that our Humboldt Part clients ask for are:

  • New brick house construction
  • Multigenerational homes
  • Brick house extensions
  • Brick porch construction/repair
  • Outdoor living spaces construction/restoration
  • Brick fencing construction/repair
  • Brickwork/caulking
  • Brick chimney construction/repair
  • Existing brick house preservation/restoration
  • Waterproofing
  • Other masonry services

Tuckpointing services, Humboldt Park neighborhood, Chicago IL

Tuckpointing is a sub-category of the brick masonry process that uses mortar of two contrasting colors in the mortar joists during the brickwork. This provides a beautiful visual effect, where one of the colors can match the color of the brick. Tuckpointing is a very popular masonry technique that is widely used for both exterior and interior jobs. Here at Masonry Chicago, we offer our clients high-quality tuckpointing professional services for:

  • Exterior walls
  • Interior walls
  • New wall design
  • Chimneys
  • Fireplaces
  • Fencing
  • Patios/gazebos
  • House extensions
  • And many other residential projects

“Stonemason near me” services in the area of Humboldt Park

“Stonemasons near me” are the masonry contractors that have experience in building from stone. Stone masonry structures are the ones that last centuries and are truly the best choice for those looking to build a multigenerational residence in the city of Chicago. The process requires a lot of skill and knowledge.

If you consider yourself a customer that is interested in this service, do not hesitate to give a call to Masonry Chicago at 773 231-5371. We have been in the business for more than 20 years are have completed hundreds of stonemasonry projects throughout the years. All the work in this area is proudly present in the portfolio on our site. Also, don’t forget to check out our customer reviews! Ordering a job from a stone contractor, you can expect to get this range of services:

  • New stone house construction
  • Multigenerational homes
  • Stone house extensions
  • Stone wall construction/repair
  • Stone porch construction/repair
  • Outdoor living spaces from stone construction/restoration
  • Stone fencing construction/repair
  • Stone chimney construction/repair
  • Existing stone house preservation/restoration
  • Waterproofing

"Block masons near me" services, Humboldt Park, Chicago IL

Block construction is a more affordable alternative to brickwork. It is one of the most popular options on the market, and Masonry Chicago is ready to provide you with high-quality work for projects of any scale. Call us today at 773 231-5371 for a free estimate! If you are planning it for the near future and are looking for “Block masons near me” in Humboldt Park expect to get this range of block construction services:

  • New block house construction
  • Condo building
  • Concrete block foundation installation/repair
  • Concrete block driveways/sideways construction
  • Concrete block house extensions
  • Outdoor living spaces from concrete block construction/restoration
  • Block fencing construction/repair
  • Existing concrete block house preservation/restoration/insulation
  • Waterproofing

“Concrete masons near me” services in the Humboldt Park neighborhood

The best “Concrete masons near me” are detail-oriented contractors who have extensive experience in the local area of Humboldt Park. These professionals know their concrete job to a ti: who are the best materials suppliers, how to find other contractors quickly and affordably, what is the top priority in choosing the plot of land, and, of course, how to build solid, durable, and beautiful concrete structures in the Chicagoland area! Typically, concrete construction includes this range of services:

  • New concrete house construction
  • Condo building
  • Concrete/poured conctete foundation installation/repair
  • Concrete porch construction/repair
  • Concrete driveways/sideways construction
  • Concrete house extensions
  • Concrete outdoor living spaces construction/restoration
  • Concrete fencing construction/repair
  • Existing concrete house preservation/restoration/insulation
  • Waterproofing

How to choose the best masonry contractors near me?

In order to choose the best “Masonry contractors near me” you have to follow a few simple steps:

  1.  Perform preliminary online research, Googling “Masons near me”, “Brick masons near me”, “Masonry work near me”, “Stonemason near me”, “Concrete masons near me” etc. Choose the company with a professionally made site that offers transparent information on the service, team, experience, pricing.
  2.  Make a list of professional contractors whose sites you liked the most. Give them a call and talk to one of their team representatives. Ask about experience in the masonry business, projects that they are proud of, the areas of the city where they have successfully completed projects, and, of course, your project price estimate.
  3.  After you have talked with a few candidates, you will most likely choose one or two favorites. This is a time to meet the professional in person. Set up a meeting time — better in the candidate’s office — and ask all the questions considering their business experience and the job you want them to perform. Make sure the general contractor or a mason has all the legally required licenses and certificates, that he offers solid guarantees before the work began (relevant insurance is a must!).
  4.  On the same day, if you have already decided which contractor will be a pleasure working with, inquire about the contract draft and study it carefully with your lawyer. Pay attention to all of the little details, especially the project schedule and stages and the pricing for each job, and for the overall project completion. Inquire about any hidden costs or extra budgets that a contractor might mean, but haven’t included in the draft!
  5.  Now you are all set. The project can literally start on the day you sign the contract. A little reminder: if you live in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, it is highly advisable to choose the true “Mason near me” — the company that has experience in the Chicago IL area!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best masonry contractors near me in the Humboldt Park area?

Consider Masonry Chicago — a masonry contractor with more than 20 years of experience in the Chicago IL location! We offer great work and reasonable pricing for brick masonry, block masonry, concrete construction, tuckpointing, and many other jobs. We are home builders with the customer as a number one priority! We work strictly on schedule and manage each step of the process with professionalism and care. Excellent work that we offer to our clients is proved by multiple testimonials on our site. Sounds appealing? Give us a call at 773 231-5371 for a free estimate and discuss your project with our team!

How to choose the best “Masons near me”?

  1. First of all, the company has to have extensive business experience in the location of your search. This will secure the knowledge of the process and how it is performed in the current location: the best contractors and subcontractors, the best “brick store near me”, and “brickyards near me”, as well as the materials suppliers, property insurance companies, etc.
  2. Then, it must have a well-maintained modern site and be highly recommended by the previous customers (search for reviews and testimonials).
  3. The scope of work that the company provides, have to comply with the masonry business area that you are interested in (if you need to repair or install the roof, do not go for chimney repair specialists!).
  4. The price of the services is also very important: it has to be relevant to the Chicago IL area, but, at the same time, be competitive and reasonable.
  5. For a free estimate and a fantastic job on your future masonry project, give a call to Masonry Chicago at 773 231-5371 today. We will provide you with a real price for the upcoming work, as well as offer a free consultation and a preliminary schedule.