Crack in the brick wall

Masonry Repair Services We Can Assist With

  • Cracks created by settling and aging or rusted I beams and lintels
  • Missing mortar
  • Damaged or collapsing parapet wall
  • Missing or damaged coping or and flashing
  • Shifted or damaged and collapsing front facade or any part of the building
  • Regrinding masonry joints
  • Replacing damaged brick

Masonry Repair Service in Chicago Area

Based in Chicago, providing masonry services throughout the Chicago area for well over a decade, BM International can handle any and all masonry repairs within your home, business or property. Whether you are suffering from the damage caused by an accident, or a storm, or your masonry has been eroded over time due to exposure to wind and water, we’ll repair your stonework right the first time.

A crack in concrete or masonry, left unrepaired, may cause more serious problems and result in more expensive repair in the future. In colder climates (Chicago for instance), cracks in virtually any concrete/masonry structure (e.g. chimneys, foundations, walls, etc) will admit wind and water, causing the masonry to expand as it freezes and widen the crack. A repair will not only be more aesthetically pleasing, it will also work to prevent further damage and in some cases, also improve safety.

Masonry Repair Service in Chicago Area


Historic Masonry Restoration Service


Residential & Commercial Masonry Repair

Unique Historic Masonry Restoration Service

We take great pride in our restoration craftsmanship, and rely on integrity, exceptional quality and superior service in everything that we do. Our extensive portfolio boasts restoration work on some of Chicago’s most treasured buildings. Our historic masonry restoration contractors have an enviable reputation for sourcing rare replacement bricks and stones, and a comprehensive understanding of historic building practices, which allows them to work with the original design intent, rather than against it.

When you call on us, your first point of contact will be with a member of our masonry repair costs estimation team. Their job is to ensure your home receives the standard of masonry restoration Chicago residents expect from our dedicated team of specialists.

Should you decide to accept our estimation of masonry repair costs our masonry restoration contractors will arrive at the date and time agreed. Following personal introductions – including their roles in masonry wall repair –they will immediately set to work.

When you work with BM International for your repair and restoration needs, you get a team of dedicated masonry specialists, who take pride in providing superior service, quality craftsmanship, cost efficiencies, and tremendous respect for your property, privacy and belongings.

Call us at (773) – 231 – 5371 or Book a Visit Online. Visit our office at 3940 W Ferdinand St. Chicago, IL 60624.