We take our craftsmanship seriously. Not only do we employ the best masonry specialists in the industry, we also invest in our employees through international grade training, to ensure our high service and quality standards are consistently met, our skill sets are always up to date, and our artisans are constantly ahead of the curve in masonry and architectural trends. Our in-house designers convert architect’s drawings to detailed bricklaying plans to ensure our specialists are always empowered with the information they need to do precise, immaculate work. It’s no wonder we are considered the best colonial masonry specialists in downtown Chicago.

Types of Brick We Work With:

  • Light Weight Hollow Blocks
  • High Alumina Bricks
  • Fire Brick
  • Concrete Bricks
  • Common Burnt Clay Bricks
  • Sand Lime Bricks, Calcium Silicate Bricks, Engineering Bricks, Fly ash, Clay Bricks

Brick Sizes We Work With:

  • Modular
  • Roman
  • Norman
  • Utility
  • Meridian
  • Standard queen or king sized bricks

Brick Patterns We Work With:

  • Running
  • Common or American
  • Flemish
  • English
  • Stack
  • English Cross or Dutch

A business housed in beautiful design and artisanship, is sure help amplify the work that you do while also drawing in additional clientele. At BM International, every step of the masonry process is well-thought out and carefully considered. When you work with BM International, your business is in good hands.

Call us at (773) – 231 – 5371 or Book an Estimate Online. Visit our office at 3940 W Ferdinand St. Chicago, IL 60624.

Light Weight Hollow Blocks

Masonry Mortar Types:

  • Type M mortar is the highest strength mortar (minimum 2500 psi) and should only be used where significant compressive strength is required.
  • Type S mortar is a medium-strength mortar (minimum 1800 psi).
  • Type N Mortar is the most common type of mortar and is the best all-around selection unless special characteristics are required. It is medium strength (minimum 750 psi).
  • Type O mortar is a low strength mortar (minimum 350 psi) that is used in non-load-bearing interior applications. It is easy to work with so it is often used to repair mortar where the wall is structurally sound.
  • Type K mortar is no longer included in the ASTM C 270 specification; however, it is still sometimes used in historic preservation projects.

Call us at (773) – 231 – 5371 or Book an Estimate Online. Visit our office at 3940 W Ferdinand St. Chicago, IL 60624.