Mortar and Tuckpointing in Chicago

Tuckpointing is construction speak for replacing faulty mortar between masonry. Essentially, the work involves using two contrasting colors of mortar in the joints of brick or stonework, to give an impression that superior quality joints have been made. In short, when tuckpointing, masonry specialists work to repair joints to the point of appearing brand new.

Masonry vernacular changes from state to state. In some areas across the country, tuckpointing is also used interchangeably with the term ‘pointing’ or ‘repointing’.

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The Importance of Mortar and Tuckpointing

The mortar between brick and stone is pertinent to the health and integrity of your property. Mortar is integral to safely holding your structure together, while also protecting your home or property from damage caused by exposure to wind and water.

While your stone and brickwork will likely withstand the elements for hundreds of years, the lifespan of mortar is not nearly so definitive. Most mortar will need repair and restoration every quarter of a century.

The harsh Chicago winters put your masonry through an aggressive freeze-thaw cycle that will cause the exterior surface of your mortar to deteriorate and breakdown at an even faster rate than usual, while also causing breakdown in brick and stone. We highly recommend regular inspections on the health and integrity of your mortar to protect your home or property from dangerous breakdown.

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Understanding Tuckpointing Techniques

Quality, long-lasting tuckpointing is more than a matter of just replacing cement. An existing building is a harmonious composition of matching bricks and mortar with the same compressive strengths. Our masonry specialists understand the weather related changes that occur in stone and brick as temperatures shift. It is imperative to the protection and strength of your home or property, to keep these changes in mind while tuckpointing. If not done properly, compressive spalling may cause the surface of brick or stonework to shear off.

While selecting mortar for tuckpointing masonry in modern buildings has been made a simple matter thanks to building standards, tuckpointing materials are more difficult to source when it comes to older buildings.

Call us at (773) – 231 – 5371 or Book an Estimate Online. Visit our office at 3940 W Ferdinand St. Chicago, IL 60624.

At BM International, we don’t believe in recommending services, repairs or restoration that are unnecessary. When one of our masonry specialists investigates your home or property, they will make repair and restoration recommendations based on the needs of the home or property, your budgetary allowance, and your time frame. Our commitment to service, quality and integrity ensures we restrict our masonry pointing repairs to where they are truly necessary.

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