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    Bricks have been around for centuries and so have brick companies, manufacturing these essential building blocks from natural materials found in the local area in most regions of the world and then creating amazing buildings with them. Learn more about what brick companies do and how a professional masonry and brick construction company, like Masonry Chicago, relies on the quality products of the best brick company near me. If you are interested in residential or commercial brick projects, make an appointment with the best masons in Chicago, Masonry Chicago, and find out more about why our customers trust and love our work so much: 773-231-5371 or email [email protected]

      Brick company or brick masonry company

      You may have heard of brick companies and masonry companies but what’s the difference?

      Brick company

      A brick company focuses on the manufacture of bricks and other types of blocks for construction. They work hard to perfect their recipe in order to make long-lasting bricks that suit all types of projects, from interior and exterior construction to solutions for extreme weather and temperatures. They may also provide rock and stone, cut to size ready for contractors to use, for example, to landscape a property or for stone cladding.

      Many brick companies today also provide masonry accessories and tools, such as adhesives, mortar, and other materials used by stone and brick masons.

      Masonry company

      A masonry company, which some people will also call brick builders, focuses on construction using brick and stone. They will have a team of expert builders and masons who will help make your projects a reality with their years of skill. Many masonry companies focus on one material, brick, stone, or concrete, while others will have a team who are familiar with all these materials.

      A reputable masonry contractor, like Masonry Chicago, will help you design your project, choose the right materials for your specific needs and support you with finding a suitable architect if required. They will make sure your job is affordable for you, based on your budget.

      A masonry company will look at a wide selection of brick offers from national and local brick companies to find the right brick for your project. If they are repairing brickwork and replacing damaged bricks they will ensure the color and texture of the new bricks matches your existing brickwork.

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            Types of masonry companies

            There are many different types of masonry companies that focus on different skills. Some larger companies will have a broader range of specialities so when you are looking for a brickwork project make sure you find someone who specializes in your project.

            • Brick construction company also known as brick masons will focus on construction using this versatile material. Most construction companies will also be able to repair brickwork but if it’s an especially old building make sure they have sufficient knowledge and expertise.
            • Brick and stone builders will focus on building using both brick and stone. Again, they may have additional skills they can focus on.
            • Brick repair companyif your brickwork is old and has signs of damage this type of company will be able to repair it, carefully matching the color, shape and size of old bricks.
            • Brick pointing company – this is a specific skill set required to repair the mortar in brickwork. Every 20 – 30 years mortar needs repointing so it’s always good to find an expert in this area.

            Services of brick builders

            Brick is a very versatile building material and a brick and mortar company will use it to create a wide range of structures. While the ingredients that go into them are simple, bricks are available in a huge range of colors, textures, and finishes which masons will use to create buildings and constructions that are rustic or modern, practical or decorative.

            They are also a very durable and long-lasting building material, giving a lot of strength to any structure built with them. And while a certain color of brick might be on-trend they never go out of style.

            Masons will use bricks to build many things:

            • Solid brick houses
            • Brick veneer facing
            • Industrial and commercial structures
            • Fireplaces
            • Chimneys
            • Paths and steps
            • Ovens and kilns
            • Patios and garden planters
            • Retaining walls

            What does masonry cost?

            Brick can be one of the more costly building materials but that isn’t always the case. The cost of brick depends very much on the demand for it – are lots of architects designing brick buildings at the moment?

            Installing and building with brick can also be a bit more expensive as it requires a specific set of knowledge and skills that many builders and contractors don’t have. If you have a project that uses brick, as well as finding a quality brick company near me you’ll also need to find a contractor or builder with experience in general masonry construction. This can end up adding to the bottom line of your project.

            But always remember, your new brick house will require a lot less maintenance and will last much longer than a stick-built home, so while it may cost a little more up-front, you’ll save in the long run.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              How much does brick cost?

              Brick can range in price quite wildly with common red bricks and face bricks being as cheap as $0.35 each, while more expensive fire bricks can be as much as $3 each, and decorative glazed bricks can go up to $6.70 per brick. While reclaimed bricks might sound cheaper, if you are buying special antique bricks a single rare stamped brick can cost as much as $30.

              While you might think that thin brick would be cheaper than regular-sized brick, as it uses less material, you’d be wrong. A single thin brick can cost from $0.80 to $1.65, while a single common red brick costs from $0.40 to $0.90.

              How do you become a brick mason?

              Most masons learn their skills through apprenticeships as masonry is a skill that is best learned through practice. These apprenticeships contain a mixture of practical and classroom instruction and are sponsored by an employer. They usually last 3-4 years and then the mason will work for a larger company to build their skills and experience on the job.

              Who makes the best brick?

              The most popular US brick company is Acme Brick, which has an annual revenue of over $750 million, more than double its next biggest competitor. This American brick company was founded in Texas in 1891 and today makes a huge range of types of brick as well as installation and masonry equipment, for stone as well as brick.

              Best masonry brick company near me

              In Chicago, when you search for ‘Illinois brick company‘ or ‘Chicago brick company‘, one company stands head and shoulders above the rest. Masonry Chicago is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 20 years. In that time we have crafted hundreds of residential and commercial projects around the city. Our customers are our greatest cheerleaders, returning to us for subsequent masonry projects.

              As well as house building and commercial construction, we provide a wide range of services including general contracting, masonry repair and renovation, tuckpointing, fireplace and chimney construction, repair, and restoration, brickwork repair, and masonry waterproofing. View our featured projects then contact us to discuss your ideas: email [email protected] or call 773-231-5371.

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