Your chimney serves a very important purpose to your home, business or property. A chimney allows combustion, which in turn encourages debris and by-products to be vented away from your building safely.

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Chimney Health, Repair and Construction

When a chimney is built using quality craftsmanship, it also adds a beautiful, rustic aesthetic to any structure. All too often however, we forget the practical elements of our chimney, forgetting to perform regular inspections on their health and function.

The severe Chicago weather conditions can do serious damage to the masonry in your chimney, putting the structural integrity, and in turn the safety of your property, at risk. In winter, freezing weather shrinks the bricks, stretching the cement between them. If the cement that holds the chimney bricks together fails, moisture penetrates the cracks. As the water freezes it expands and causes the upper rows of brick to gradually separate.

Summer temperatures in excess of 72 °F have the opposite effect. Furthermore, as brick and stonework ages, the risk of deterioration and breakdown will increase. The risks of a weakened or unhealthy chimney can be avoided through regular chimney inspections and when necessary, complete or partial chimney rebuilds and chimney cap replacements.

At BM International, we take the safety of your property very seriously. We understand the importance behind providing best quality masonry services, including chimney repair and restoration.

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Advanced Masonry Chimney Construction Design

Before we begin a project involving chimney repair or restoration, our team of designers and masonry specialists work together to create detailed blueprints of the home, and brick chimney design in particular. While we are building this blueprint, we investigate for information regarding the integration of the footings into the main foundations, and specifications for the brick types and cement grout to use. We take every step necessary to ensure we know and understand every aspect of your chimney design and specifications to ensure a safe, efficient and beautiful success.

Chimney Repair and Construction
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Quality and Integrity You Can Count On

Whether your chimney is small or large, BM International can undertake your project with a proven track records backed up by over a decade. We understand that choosing which company you want to trust with your chimney repair and restoration needs, is no small decision.  We hope to educate our clients, allowing them complete control and transparency into our processes, our designs, and our work so that they always feel comfortable and informed. When we come into your home, we always aim to perform every project with superior quality, integrity and efficiency.

Contact us today, and we will be happy to meet with you and discuss your chimney and fireplace repair or restoration needs!

Call us at (773) – 231 – 5371 or Book an Estimate Online. Visit our office at 3940 W Ferdinand St. Chicago, IL 60624.