BM International has been doing chimney construction and chimney tuck-pointing in the Chicago area for ten years. The elements are not easy on our infrastructure here in the windy city, but there are ways to protect and repair your personal property from long-term damage and deterioration.

regular chimney tuck-pointing in Chicago

Our skilled artisans of masonry understand the need as a homeowner, for regular chimney tuck-pointing in the Chicago area. Naturally, the best time to strengthen your chimney structure is before the deep set of winter sets in.

Penetrating moisture throughout the winter and spring, will weaken the mortar that bonds the masonry in your chimney together. This moisture also promotes premature deterioration of your brick. When moisture soaks into the brick, it will cause the face of the brick to fall off. If this happens, your brick is useless and no longer offering any support to the structure of your chimney. Obviously, this puts you in a dangerous position.

Tuck-pointing restores the masonry mortar joints between your bricks to prevent water intrusion or structural compromise while also improving the overall integrity and value of your chimney. Essentially, tuck-pointing is the removal and replacement of mortar between stone, block, or brick. Our team will replace your existing, deteriorated mortar, with new mortar to match the original texture and color as closely as possible. When done proficiently, tuck-pointing will provide your chimney with a strong joint that will be able to resist water damage. This will in turn, extend the life of your chimney, and help you avoid future chimney repairs.

At BM International, we have extensive experience with tuck-pointing chimney structures in historic buildings, where centuries of water and excessive heat have combined to complete serious damage on the integrity of the brick.

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Chimney Tuck- Pointing in Modern Buildings

Despite every effort by Chicago’s greatest architects and builders, chimney pointing inevitably begins to fail after approximately twenty years. Our freeze-thaw cycle in Chicago gradually wears down the tensile strength of mortar, causing it to crumble at the surface. We know that in these economic times, finances are tight. We will work with you to reduce chimney tuck-pointing cost where possible by raking out the loose cement grout and replacing it.

Chimney Tuck-Pointing In Older Buildings

Centuries ago, when artisans were tuck-pointing chimneystacks, they were operating under the assumption that the chimneys themselves, would be used for wood fires with a lower density of heat. Today’s high-heat coal and gas fires cause significant degradation to older structures. We understand the stylistic value in maintaining the look and integrity of older buildings. If structural deterioration is unavoidable, we’ll discuss the advisability of taking the entire chimney structure down and rebuilding it, using the same bricks in the same position to maintain the vernacular.

Chimney tuck-pointing