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Keeping your basement dry is an important task, preventing lots of potential issues that moisture can cause. Luckily there are several tried and tested options to solve basement water problems. From various coatings and membranes to drainage and sump pumps working with a trusted basement waterproofing company will ensure that your home remains dry, safe, and solid for many years to come.

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Basement water problems

Wet basements may seem like an annoyance but there are many reasons why it’s so important to keep your crawl space or basement dry and carry out crawl space repair or basement waterproofing:

  • Mold – moisture causes mold and mold can cause health problems when inhaled. A dry, healthy basement helps give you a healthy home.
  • Rotten wood – if the wooden framing of your home becomes damp it can rot and cause major structural problems.
  • Cracked concrete – in areas that freeze in winter, moisture in your concrete can freeze and expand, causing cracks in your foundation, requiring foundation repair.
  • Insects – some insects and pests can be attracted to damp areas, so a damp basement can lead to infestations.
  • Electrical issues – water and electricity don’t mix. Avoid electrical shorts with basement waterproofing.
  • Musty odors – no one wants a house that smells of mold and dampness. Keep your basement dry for a healthy home.

Basement waterproofing options

There are a variety of options for basement waterproofing, to give you a healthy basement, many of which can be used together to protect your home to a very high standard.


The first line of defense in basement waterproofing is good drainage. Drainage can be internal or external or you can have a sub-floor drainage system, but the main purpose of drainage is to artificially lower the water table under your house.

Sump pumps

Along with a good drainage system, another important aspect of basement waterproofing is using sump pumps to keep the water out of your basement. If you live in an area that’s prone to flooding or has a naturally high water table you may need more than one pump to keep your home dry.

Sealants and resins

Various membranes, sealants, and resins can be used to coat or inject into your foundation to repel water and assist with basement waterproofing. Membranes are generally applied for exterior basement waterproofing and sealants are used for interior basement waterproofing.

Foundation repair

If you have cracks in your concrete slab or footings that are letting water in then foundation repair will help seal the cracks and keep water out. There are various options for this, but repairing the cracks is usually the first step.

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        How much does it cost to waterproof a basement from the inside?

        Depending on the method of basement waterproofing you choose it can cost anywhere from $3 to $9 per square foot to keep your home dry.

        Can I waterproof my basement myself?

        More advanced basement waterproofing techniques aren’t recommended for individual use but applying a sealant or waterproof paint to bare concrete basement walls for basement wall waterproofing is something that can be attempted by the home DIY expert.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          You will need to remove any old paint or white deposits due to moisture before you being applying the sealant though.

          What is the best waterproofing for walls?

          If you are wondering “what’s the best way to waterproof a basement?”, while there are a range of methods for waterproofing basement walls from inside and waterproofing basement walls from outside the best way to keep your basement walls dry is to ensure there is adequate drainage, preventing the water from causing issues in the first place.

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