With over a decade under our belts in chimney repair, restoration, masonry and rebuilds, we have built a reputation for quality service, expertise and integrity.  Whether you are looking to repair the chimney in a classic heritage home, or a modern building, you can trust your team of professionals to get the job done with efficiency, and precision.

Damaged chimney

Do not worry! As industry professionals, we are here to handle all of your repair and restoration needs, big or small!

The Value Of Routine Chimney Inspection

Chimneys are robust structures designed for longevity, but not immortality. In Chicago local elements such as extreme heat and humidity, or the brisk winters, are sure to weaken the masonry of your chimney over time. Exposed chimney tops are in the most danger for breakdown in structure. All too often, the need for chimney repair goes unnoticed because periodic inspections are difficult to do, especially when you don’t know exactly what to look for as a homeowner.

While brick may last forever, the plasterwork between your brickwork is not nearly as strong. Over time, cracks can develop that will eventually split open, allowing strong winds to drive rainwater and other debris into them. Contacting BM International on an annual basis for chimney inspection will help you prevent unnecessary deterioration. If we are able to catch chimney damage quickly, we will be able to fix it with tuckpointing. Tuckpointing is the repair of weathered joints in masonry. Damage or deterioration left too long, will result in the need for home chimney repair.

Complete Chimney Rebuilds

During seasonal periods of extreme heat and humidity, the rendering between bricks will expand, causing pressure within the joints. Because brick lacks flexibility, the only way for the material to release pressure under duress, is for the actual bricks to pop loose. Once a row of brick begins to loosen and shift, the structure will gradually deteriorate from top to bottom. Fortunately, we are often commissioned to do a partial chimney rebuild before this happens.

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Masonry Chimney Caps & Waterproofing

When rebuilding chimney structures, we usually recommend completing a full inspection of the masonry cap along with a full waterproofing of your brickwork. Because we are already servicing your chimney, billable time is saved, while the lifespan of your chimney is also extended. The masonry cap is the flat surface attached to the topmost row of brickwork. It is designed to let the heat escape, while also keeping water out to avoid damage or breakdown.

We’ll Walk You Through Every Step Of Your Repair

We understand that you don’t have the time, resources, or understanding of chimney maintenance and repair to perform regular chimney inspections on your own accord. We also understand that many home and property owners are nervous when seeking out services because of the unnecessary work so many contractors will try to convince the customer they need. At BM International, our mason specialists use photography as a resource to actually show you where your damage is, and explain the work needed to bring your chimney back to health.

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