brick wall repair

Some of the internal and external clues we look for when assessing your repair needs include:

  • A complete survey of external sources such as roofs, windows and doors to ensure there is no possibility of consequential damage.
  • A search throughout your property for signs of water penetration, general dampness or mold, cracks in walls and/or ill-fitting windows that no longer open or close as they should.
  • A detailed analysis of all loose, deteriorating, or badly crumbled bricks that must be removed, cleaned and replaced in the same position with matching mortar.
  • A review of the size, type and pattern of your current brickwork to ensure when we set to work, we have the materials at hand to complete your project with ease and efficiency.
  • An inspection of your tuck-pointing needs. The mortar between your bricks is crucial to not only holding your bricks together, but also to preventing water damage or penetration between the stones. Tucking the grout firmly into place (tuck-pointing), will eliminate the possibility of leaks.

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Preventing Costly Water Damage

Water is most frequently found to be the major culprit when it comes to damage done to masonry. Rain and snow (no strangers to Chicago masonry) can be traced to roof leaks and damaged gutters. Water infiltration will cause a breakdown of the mortar, the drawing of salt out of the masonry (causing increased deterioration), and increased susceptibility to freeze-thaw damage. Wind erosion can also occur with soft brick, stone and mortar in exposed locations. Because Chicago is especially prone to the damage of the elements, we strongly recommend routine inspections of your masonry. It is naturally most cost and resource efficient, to maintain the integrity of your masonry once it has been built or restored.

Brick Water Damage
Brick wall Repair and Restoration

Brick Repair and Restoration Done Right

We do not believe in taking half measures when it comes to restoring the value to masonry craftsmanship. Our repair and restoration specialists are frequently asked to step in and correct the repair and restoration mistakes made by other companies who have cut corners in their work. At BM International, we treat your building as if it were our own, bringing our best work to every project.

Call us at (773) – 231 – 5371 or Book an Estimate Online. Visit our office at 3940 W Ferdinand St. Chicago, IL 60624.