Installing brick

    Installing Brick: Learn What & How With Masonry Chicago

    Installing Brick – Types of Brickwork and Where to Use Them

    Bricks have a timeless beauty and also a lasting strength, making them the building material of choice for many. When using bricks you have many options; from crafting a solid brick structure like a house or commercial building to using them as a creative highlight with a brick patio, fireplace, or feature wall. At Masonry Chicago, we have over 20 years of expertise in choosing the right bricks for the job and installing brick using the most long-lasting bricklaying techniques. For all your masonry and brickwork needs contact us on 773-231-5371 or email [email protected]

    Types of brickwork

    While there are many different types of bricks and techniques for brick installation most domestic brickwork will either be solid brick or brick veneer. We detail these two techniques and when you might use them.

    Solid brick

    Solid brick construction is the technique most commonly used when you install a masonry wall in your home. A solid brick structure will consist of rows of bricks, which are called courses, being laid in rows on top of each other. Mortar is placed between the rows to secure the bricks in place.

    Depending on the type of structure, you may have more than one layer of bricks. The bricks you see on the outside, that are intended to be visible, will be called face bricks. An interior brick wall installation that will not be visible, or will be covered with stucco or another material, will be made from filler bricks, which don’t need to look so perfect as the face bricks.

    When laying bricks they can be installed in a variety of different patterns, depending on the type and size of bricks used, as well as the desired appearance. The bricks will be placed in a staggered pattern to ensure the strength and solidity of the structure.

    Where to use solid brick

    Solid bricks are used in a wide range of structures including:

    Solid bricks can also be used to create paths and patios, although the technique for laying them differs and usually doesn’t use mortar in the joints.

      Brick veneer

      Brick veneer is a thin brick material, which can be used for decorative purposes. While not as durable as solid brick, installing thin brick veneer is much quicker and easier than solid brick, is much lighter, and allows you to add better insulation than with a solid brick structure. Installing a thin brick veneer, especially for house-facing, also offers some of the benefits of solid brick, as it is more durable and low maintenance than many other facing materials.

      To install brick veneer, apply it like tiles, using a special adhesive to attach it to an existing surface, for example, drywall on a wood-framed wall. However, mortar is still used in the mortar joints between the thin bricks, giving it the same outward appearance as a solid brick wall.

      Where to use brick veneer

      Thin brick installation can be used in a range of ways around the house:

      • Exterior facing of a house, either partial or total
      • For an attractive interior feature wall
      • Creating a kitchen splashback – waterproofing should be applied to the veneer in this case
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            Frequently Asked Questions

            Can you lay bricks on dirt?

            Bricks can be laid on dirt in a few circumstances, such as laying a brick path or creating a patio. However, it’s important to make sure the earth is prepared adequately, to ensure your new path is solid and durable.

            Before you begin laying bricks you need to flatten the surface, leaving a very slight slope to allow for drainage. Under all the bricks you should have a layer of landscape fabric, gravel, and sand.

            How much does it cost to install brick per square foot?

            When you install a brick veneer it is likely to cost around $4 – $10 per square foot. This price will vary based on the type of veneer you use, the height of the wall to be covered, and labor costs in your city.

            How much does it cost to lay brick?

            When laying a brick wall you can expect to pay around $15 – $30 per square foot with the actual bricks costing from around $6 – $12 per square foot and the remaining cost includes other materials, tools, and labor.

            Your choice of style of brick for your brick walls will affect the overall brick installation cost, and the labor cost to lay brick in your area will also be a deciding factor in the final bill.

              How much do bricklayers cost per brick?

              Generally speaking, you will not be paying your bricklayer based on volume but based on time or an overall project cost. For daily rates, you may find a bricklayer who will charge as little as $25 per hour, but in general, if you are working with a more skilled mason you are more likely to be paying around $50 – $70 per hour. This cost will also depend on the cost of labor in your area. Rural areas will generally be cheaper than urban ones.

              The cost per brick will also depend on the complexity of the project, with a bricklayer laying 600 – 800 bricks a day on a standard wall, but for something with more details and corners, such as an ornamental chimney, they may only lay 200 bricks in a day.

              This means that the cost per brick can range from $0.25 all the way up to $2.45 per brick, depending on the skill of your bricklayer or mason and the complexity of the project.

              Is brick expensive to install?

              Labor costs for brick installation are often higher than those for other materials, such as constructing a simple wood-framed house or installing vinyl facing on a home. While the labor costs are higher, bricks are a more durable and sturdy building material, so while they may be expensive to install in the short term they may end up saving you time and money in maintenance and repair costs in the longer term.

              Installing brick in Chicago

              When looking for brick installers near me in Chicago, look no further than Masonry Chicago, which has been operating since 1999. With a team of dedicated and experienced bricklayers and masons, we will ensure your brick installation project goes smoothly, and you’re left with an enduring and timeless brick structure that you will love. As well as laying solid brick and installing brick veneer we also offer a wide range of services:

              • brick house building
              • masonry restoration and repair
              • brickwork renovation
              • tuckpointing
              • masonry waterproofing
              • brickwork for fireplaces, chimneys etc

              Discuss your masonry needs with us at [email protected] or call 773-231-5371.

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