Must have repointing tools

Most people rightfully consider brickwork an art and thus, they believe that it has to be expressed in the best possible way. There are very many things that can make tuckpointing beautiful and well done. However one of the most crucial things is using the right equipment. There are very many people who have failed miserably in the art of tuckpointing or repointing brick walls and this can be attributed to the tools that they use. Different tools can be used to achieve the same effect. You can find that up to three different tools are used for the same purpose. However, the choice of tools goes hand in hand with the expertise of the individual in question. The choice will also depend on the effectiveness of the tool according to the individual. If they are novices, they will need to use much simpler tools than those who have done repointing before.


One of the most misunderstood repointing tools is the tuckpoint grinder. This is a very simple and effective tool to use. However due to the fact that it is powered it needs expertise to use. The tool is used when removing the old mortar from the joints. If it is used wrongly therefore, it will not only damage the joints themselves but it will also damage the stones or bricks surrounding the place you are working on.


Another important tool that you will need is the traditional trowel. It is important to get it due to the fact that it will help you in two different ways. It is the easiest tool to use to scoop the mortar and fill the spaces. It not only does that but it is also very useful in the leveling of the joints once the job is done. You use the flat side of the trowel to flatten and remove the extra mortar that you might have put in the joints. You will also be able to tell the right consistency of the mortar when you are mixing it up if it sticks to the trowel. Ensure that the trowel is pointed.

Mortar grout guns

Most people also consider the mortar grout guns as one of the most important tuckpointing tools in the field. These tools work very efficiently in the filling of the spaces in joints. It works just like the pointing gun where you put the mortar in the barrel of the gun and all you have to do is shoot at the intended target and fill the space with mortar. It is a very fast way of doing this job and you will therefore save on time.

Plugging chisel

The plugging chisel is also a very important tool for tuckpointing and repointing. This tool is used to remove the old mortar from the wall. It is efficient and also very easy to handle. You can choose to use both this tool and the trowel to make the work easier for you. It is specifically helpful in removing the mortar around the pipes.