Use of Lime Mortar in Mortar Repair


The use of mortar in construction projects is very important. It is basically what holds everything together. But this is not all as the mortar also fills up the spaces that might be left between bricks. Over the years, the mortar that was used when your building was constructed might need repairing in order to ensure that it is still efficient. Most people who ignore brick and mortar repair end up regretting it. When a new building is built, the mortar that is used together with the building material is usually sufficient and efficient enough to last several years. However, as the years go by, the mortar washes out and thus, leaves spaces and the possibility of the bricks or stones that were used, to fall out. However, mortar repair will see to it that this does not happen.
Most masons these days love the cement lime mortar and the reasons for this include:

Minimizes water leakage

It is very efficient in preventing water leakage through the walls. When you call the professionals to check on your leakage problem, they would probably advise the use of mortar pointing to solve the problem. This will see to it that your brick slabs are well sealed.

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They are more durable


Another factor that makes lime mortar among the best is that it is very durable. The reason as to why the mortar you have right now is being washed away is that it is not as durable. This mortar mix will stay in place for a much longer period. Pointing mortar mix should take a very short time and you will end up with the desired results.

It is stable and uniform

There are several mortar mixes that do not allow uniformity. When you repair mortar, you do not want one part to be different from the other parts. This is largely the case when one is doing a mortar brick repair. The other building materials have fewer needs for the mortar repair. All in all, lime mortar will ensure that all repairs done are leveled and there is uniformity.

It is very strong

This type of mortar has also proven to be very strong as compared to the other types. It will therefore be very helpful in tuckpointing mortar joints. Tuckpointing the mortar joints helps in making them stronger and it can also be used for decorative purposes. This is due to the fact that it can use different colors according to the intended outcome. The main idea behind the brick mortar repair is to make them stronger and so use of the relevant material is prudent.

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