Factors that affect the success of your repointing project

When you search the internet right now on the basic steps of how to repoint, you will find hundreds of pages with steps on how to make your repointing job a success. Repointing is the placing or the filling of new mortar on a wall. It does not matter whether the wall is new or old as repointing can be done on any wall that needs it. It is also done on steps and staircases among other places. The purpose of repointing and tuckpointing in general, is to ensure that the part that is being worked on is strong enough as excepted. Failure of repointing and tuckpointing a wall can lead to hazardous effects like the collapsing of the entire wall of even the entire building.

In as much as these other internet sites will tell you the basic steps on how to go about with the process of repointing or tuckpointing, they will not tell you the factors that will determine the level of success of your tuckpointing. As mentioned, the main idea behind tuckpointing and repointing is to make the wall, steps or the joints much stronger than they are at that moment. The question of how to tuckpoint should therefore be changed to how to tuckpoint properly in order to achieve the desired results. Some of these factors are discussed below.


One thing that will determine the level of success of your project is the type of mortar that you will use. There are different types of mortar but most of the professionals believe that the lime mortar is very effective in repointing brick steps and walls. This is due to the level of strength and the durability of this type of mortar.


It is also very important to consider the tools that you will use. There are very many different tools that can work towards the same purpose in repointing. However, your level of expertise on how to use them accordingly, and the tool’s efficiency in getting the work done should determine your choice. It is very natural for one who is thinking about how to do tuckpointing to think about the tools. They not only determine the level of success but they also determine the amount of time that you will use on the project. With the wrong kinds of tools you will take much longer to finish the job than with the right kind of tools.


It is also very important that you consider the amount of time that you have to finish the project. The amount of time that you have will determine the tools that you choose. For example, if you have limited time to do the work, you can use the brick pointing gun instead of the trowel to put the mortar in the spaces. This will be much easier and faster and it will also prevent messes.

There are very many other factors that will determine the level of success of your project when you are doing a repointing job. It is important to have all this info as it will help you make the right decisions when you are thinking about repointing.

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